vanessa verlee is a wellness educator who, over the last 15 years, has facilitated countless people in connecting themselves in more peaceful, nurturing and energized ways. since 2001, vanessa has trained in and offered multiple healing modalities, including gentle and restorative yoga, thai yoga massage, acupressure and chi nei tsang. over the last six years, vanessa‚Äôs greatest professional passion and focus has been learning and offering the transformative tools of reorganizational healing including somato respiratory integration (SRI). she also a writer, illustrator and a performing singer-songwriter who has produced and recorded several albums and regularly organizes community music events around the bay area.

vanessa was born and raised in indiana, by her beautiful mother, lorelei, a passionate artist and humanitarian and her generous and loving father, ron, a united methodist pastor and dedicated servant and alongside her kind and supportive brother, sean-paul. steeped in a lineage of unconditional love and open-heartedness, from a young age vanessa felt her purpose in life to inspire and illuminate each person she encounters, so that they may feel the depth of their worth and width of their gifts in embodied, sustainable and beautifully contagious ways and to ignite positive change through writing, illustrations and song.

in 1995 vanessa left indiana to study communications and journalism at gordon college, outside of boston, ma. since 1999, vanessa has lived in the san francisco bay area with her husband - filmmaker, musician and all around fabulous human - jeremy rourke, surrounded by a stunning landscape and wrapped in a rich community of friends, all of which she is infinitely grateful for.