the v.v. variety show

in 2011, after a decade and half of performing her music, vanessa hit a point where there was little energy left in playing her songs. she was ready to do something that scared her a little - stretch out of her comfort zone on the stage. she knew that when we step into uncharted territory, energy emerges. from here the vision for the v.v. variety show was born. 

the v.v.v.s. is a show based on everyone offering acts that are at least partially out of their comfort zone -- singer-songwriters doing stand up comedy, drummers playing guitar, clowns doing drama, native english speakers singing songs in french. featuring some of the bay area's best performers, as well as fans who bravely make their way to the stage for the first time. shows are held in the spring and fall each year -- if you are interested in submitting an idea of an act, contact vanessa directly.​​

tickets and more info TBA

if you'd like to participate, email your submissions directly to vanessa at vanessaverlee dot com

v.v. variety show (#11) 

 nov 10, 2018

 the red victorian

 1665 haight st


past showS

  • v.v.v.s #1: 11.6.11: (viracocha) with kenny taylor, the dreamers, jeremy rourke, michael musika, dave mihaly, john merrill, aaron kierbel & v.v.
  • v.v.v.s #2: 4.14.2012 (viracocha) with tbird luv,  jessie woletz, mark david ashworth, jeremy rourke, michael musika, jes marie, dave mihaly, pi comedy troupe & v.v.
  • v.v.v.s#3: 11.3.2012 (viracocha) with michael musika, jeremy rourke, sleepy todd, dj real, dina macabee, moni cash, dave marcarchick, jamie schlessinger & v.v. 
  • ​v.v.v.s#4: 4.13.2013 (viracocha) with amal bisharat, eva jo meyers, michele menard, aaron kierbel, vanessa morrison, viola booth, jeremy rourke, olive mitra, jesse d. & v.v.
  • ​v.v.v.s#5: 11.9.2013 (hotel utah) with heather normandale, kitchin' uke, zun zoo, john merrill, bernard vash,  sean verlee, jesse d, arti-b & the mystery men,  & v.v. 
  • ​v.v.v.s#6: 11.8.2014 (viracocha) with michael musika, ziva, jesse d, jeremy rourke, jeske dioquino, lunar crooners, iraida velasco, madribombs, schless is more, viola booth & v.v.
  • v.v.v.s#7: 4.11.2015 (viracocha) with the lovebirds, kim lembo, pitta love,  jessie wolet et al, moni cash as mc, jeske dioquino, mark fortes & friends, jerry kuhel & melissa vivas,  jeremy rourke & v.v.​
  • v.v.v.s#8: 4.16.2016 (sf mime troupe space) with moni cash, s & p, michael musika, annie bacon, julie indelicato, dillon castleton, molly & chris, kristee ono, lake lady, & v.v.
  • v.v.v.s#9: 4.22.2017 (red victorian) with jeff steeno, leslie einhorn, molly kittle, misha and elise, ziva, dillon castleton, the platonic ideals (lila & rachel), tom lattanland, jeremy rourke & v.v.
  • v.v.v.s#10: 4.21.2018 (red victorian) with krista sanders, madribombs, aaron kierbel & jeremy rourke, maya dorn, undone in sorrow, jen kulbeck & tom edler, johnny & moni cash, michael musika & v.v.