​soul oriented coaching sessions

what is soul oriented coaching?

soul oriented coaching is one on one work with vanessa with the intention to support you in navigating your life with more awareness, ease, focus and grace. the sessions will equip you with tools to hear and interrupt the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages that your body, emotions and life are sending you. strongly influenced by, and using the tools of, reorganizational healing (including SRI), we will be present with whatever sensation, emotion or pattern is showing up, harnessing the energy and wisdom innate in it. rather than trying to to fix, subdue, or change what is happening, we explore safe ways to respond and move with what is arising. 

our “soul” is the essence of who each of us is, with unique gifts to offer the world, and expressed through but existing beyond the body, personality, thoughts or circumstances of your life.  it is the animating energy of our lives - and is always guiding us to the lessons we are ready to explore and learn, often disrupting the plans or certainties our minds had created. instead of focusing on specific outcomes you want to achieve, this work supports you in orienting your focus to easily access resources you have within and around, identify your unique gifts, manifest the qualities you most desire and allow you to flow thru the uncertainties of life with more trust, grace and energy.

what are the sessions like?

the sessions will include a check in about anything specific you’d like to work with that day, emotions/sensations present, circumstances you’d like support with navigating, and/or themes and patterns you are noticing arising. we will include one or more SRI exercises (see below) to support the experience in a more wholly. if it is desired, vanessa will also leave you with questions to consider or exercises to practice to help continue to integrate between sessions. vanessa is not a licensed therapist, and these sessions are not meant as therapy - words are used to help find our way to the deeper intelligence that is wanting to be expressed. the sessions last either 25 or 50 minutes, depending on your preference. the longer sessions offer more time for spacious exploration and coaching, while the shorter sessions are better for focusing just on the SRI.  


what is SRI?
at the heart of our sessions is the work a beautifully unique embodiment practice called SRI, or somato (body) respiratory (breath) integration. SRI is a series of specific exercises that you uses focused attention, breath patterns, gentle movement and guided touch to achieve new levels of connection and congruency to oneself. based on dr. donald epstein’s work outlined in the book “the 12 stages of healing”, each exercise allows the person to be more fully with whatever rhythm is strongest in their body and life in that moment. SRI is like personal training for your nervous system - and ultimately your soul - providing new and more resourceful ways to discover, transform and awaken to your highest potential. 

in person sessions
in person sessions are done either at magnolia wellness center, 2134 van ness, san francisco, my home in san francisco, or at your home, for an additional travel fee, as arranged.


remote sessions
for those of you outside of the bay area, or who simply prefer the convenience of video calls - we we arrange to do a session over Skype or FaceTime. for these sessions you will need to make sure you have a strong, consistent internet connection, a quiet place where are you can be uninterrupted, and if possible, a space on the floor where you can lay down on a yoga mat or blanket and still be seen by the camera. if video calling is not available for you, i am also willing to do a phone session.


​group coaching sessions

these intimate groups meet on the online platform zoom for 4 week sessions, are open to no more than 8 participants and include four hour long group sessions led by vanessa, two thirty minute one on one sessions and personal email support throughout the month with vanessa. each session has a different topic focus.