network chiropractic wellness center - 1414 soquel ave, #102, santa cruz, ca dr. bjorn bostrom and his amazing staff serve practices members of the network chiropractic wellness center 

 vanessa sees practice members for powerful one-on-one sessions on the third wednesday of each month and occasionally for magical one day healing retreats.

healing waves wellness -303 potereo st, suite 16, santa cruz, ca

healing waves is under the magical and skillful care of dr. melanie hernand. vanessa worked with dr. mel when she was serving at soulworks in san francisco and is thrilled to now serve in her new office down south! vanessa sees practice members for powerful one-on-one sessions on the third thursday and friday of each month and occasionally for potent one day healing retreats.

network vitality center - 5901 christie ave, emeryville, ca.

founded in 1997 by dr. jane artz, d.c., the network vitality center has been thriving as a world class reorganizational healing care for nearly two decades. dr. jane serves on the network staff (wise world seminars), serving alongside ROH's founder dr. donald epstein. dr. jane has an unparalleled ability to see exactly what is happening and what is needed for each person receiving care under her skillful hands. vanessa has loved offering SRI alongside dr. jane's entrainments once a week at vitality since 2015. 

sojourn wellness center - 3645 grand ave, oakland, ca

sojourn wellness center consists of a dynamic duo of doctors, dr. kristen perkins, d.c. and dr. joie mazor, d.c., both committed to bringing their all to every person who walks through their doors. in addition to amazing NSA care, sojourn also offers a very transformative and effective form of nutritional support, nutrition response testing. vanessa has loved providing sojourn's practice members with SRI during entrainments and monthly workshops since 2014. 

hikari chiropractic center - 3286 adeline, suite 9, berkeley, ca

hikari chiropractic center is served by the loving and capable hands of dr. sara vargas and dr. jill schneider. vanessa has worked with both dr. sara and dr. jill in other network offices around the bay area and is super excited for the opportunity to serve alongside them in their own practice.  in this beautiful and cozy office, vanessa offers SRI during entrainment hours once a month.

offerings at network offices

in northern california

vanessa serves as the resident wellness educator/SRI facilitator at reorganizational healing centers throughout the bay area. the founder of reorganizational healing (ROH), dr. donald epstein created SRI along with NSA (network spinal analysis), a very gentle, light touch and profoundly effective modality. practice members at these centers share how much they love getting the synergistic effects of both SRI and NSA when offered together. the doctors at each of these centers are among the top network chiropractors in the country and the care offered at each is unique and truly life changing. 

 magnolia wellness center - two locations - 2134 van ness, san francisco, ca & 247 sir francis drake, san anselmo, ca. 

founded by dr. stephanie bridwell, d.c., magnolia has been named by the bay area A-list as san francisco's top chiropractic center. magnolia is a bright light in both san francisco and now marin. dr. stephanie who has been practicing NSA for over a decade and who also holds a masters in psychology, meets each person with profound presence, masterful skills, and deep love. vanessa started her journey with reorganziational healing at magnolia as a practice member in 2010 and has been joyfully working with dr. stephanie, and the other practitioners at magnolia, since 2012.